Is Minimally Invasive Surgery Right For Me?

As minimally invasive treatments are becoming increasingly popular, many patients are wondering if a MIST (minimally invasive surgical treatment) is the right kind of therapy for them. Some patients swear by this type of procedure, while others are skeptical of how fast and painless it all sounds. 

Let’s explore what is minimally invasive surgery. 

What Is Minimally Invasive Surgery?

Minimally invasive surgery is a term used to describe a surgical procedure that will aim to do much less damage to the body than traditional open surgery. To do this, minimally invasive surgery uses a variety of innovative techniques, including significantly smaller or no surgical incisions.

Benefits of a Minimally Invasive Surgery

While the goals of minimally invasive surgical treatments are the same as the more traditional open surgeries, MIST are usually associated with a reduced amount of pain, fewer complications and side effects, and a shorter hospital stay. Many types of minimally invasive surgical treatments are out-patient therapies (do not require an hospital stay) and do not require general anesthesia.

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Should I Consider Minimally Invasive Therapy?

While it is normal for patients to have their own preferences and views on what procedure is best, the truth is that patients cannot always decide what type of surgery they will undergo. For example, some patients have medical conditions that do not permit them to undergo general anesthesia. 

While each type of surgery (minimally invasive or traditional open surgery) certainly has its benefits, it is important to understand that patients are all different, and the surgery should be performed according to the individual’s medical history, current overall health and personal preferences. In some cases, traditional open surgery could entail too many risks for the patient, while, in other cases, an open surgery would have a better outcome. 

It is important to discuss your options with a medical expert who will guide you through the steps and help you decide if minimally invasive surgery is right for you.

Can a Minimally Invasive Surgery Help Cure My BPH?

While BPH cannot be cured, a minimally invasive surgical treatment will help reduce the symptoms caused by your BPH. 

There are a number of treatment options for benign prostatic hyperplasia, and it is important to understand all factors involved before deciding what is the best treatment plan for you. 

In recent years, scientists have developed a series of different kinds of minimally invasive therapies that safely and effectively reduce BPH symptoms. Amongst them is the increasingly popular Rezūm Water Vapour Therapy. 

The Rezūm therapy is a minimally invasive treatment for BPH that uses stored thermal energy in water vapour (steam) to reduce swelling of the prostate and obstruction of the urethra. Over the past few years, the Rezūm treatment has received international praise, quickly becoming the minimally invasive treatment of choice for benign prostatic hyperplasia. 

Learn more about the Rezūm therapy

Best Treatment for BPH

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