What Happens During A Rezūm Procedure?

Are you tired of experiencing urinary symptoms caused by your benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)? Are you considering the Rezūm Water Vapour Therapy but would like to find out more about the treatment? Here is an inside look at what happens during a Rezūm procedure.

How Does Rezūm Work?

The Rezūm therapy is a minimally invasive treatment for BPH that uses stored thermal energy in water vapour (steam) to reduce swelling of the prostate and obstruction of the urethra.

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During the procedure, your doctor will insert a hand-held device into the urethra to reach the prostate. Your doctor will then inject small amounts of sterile water vapour into targeted prostate tissue. The water vapour (steam) will uniformly and instantaneously attack cells, causing them to die. Over time, your body’s natural healing process will remove the dead cells, causing your prostate to decrease in size and no longer obstruct the urethra.

Steam injections contain approximately 0.42ml of sterile water and last 9 seconds each. The amount of injections needed during a Rezūm procedure will vary according to the size of the treated prostate. It is important to note that while the therapy targets prostate cells, it will not damage cells of the urethra. The Rezūm system sends a small burst of room temperature (20–25° C) saline flush through the device each time the needle is deployed and every 30 seconds during navigation and idle time to keep the urethra and the instrument shaft cool.

A Short Procedure That Can Change Everything…

A typical Rezūm procedure is quick, lasting only about 5 minutes. However, you should expect to be at the clinic for approximately 2 hours. 

The following videos allow you to take a look at what happens inside the urethra during a Rezūm procedure and, in the second video, the surgical-like outcome 6 months following the procedure.

In this case, the patient had a small volume 50cc prostate with enlarged lateral lobes. The patient was treated with a total of four injections.

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